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    Creality's 10-year anniversary New Arrival 3D printer with a CFS combo to beat Bambu Lab P1S


    Creality's 10-year anniversary New Arrival 3D printer with a CFS combo to beat Bambu Lab P1S


    Creality says the new K2 Plus 3D printer will have a 350 mm cubed build volume, boast active chamber heating, auto-leveling, “next-generation extrusion,” and FOC closed-loop motors. The printers will also run on Creality OS (which is set to get an open-source implementation with the Ender 3 V3) and will apparently use “Edge AI technology” – but for what purpose we don’t know. Maybe Nexa3D’s recent AI April Fools joke was actually onto something.

    Creality K2 PLUS With CFS (7).png

    The Creality CFS appears to support 4 rolls of filament with the 5th one being the spool holder on the machine. The icons on the right could show that you can use multiple CFS in combo, but it’s hard to decipher now.

    Creality K2 PLUS With CFS (8).png

    Creality K2 Plus technical Specifications

    These are mostly confirmed specifications of the Creality K2 Plus combined into one list. Please note that we’ll update as we get more information if anything is incorrect.

    1. Build Volume: 350 x 350 x 350mm
    2. Design: Enclosed CoreXY
    3. Build plate: Flexible PEI with silicon wiper area
    4. Build Plate temperature: 100°C
    5. Nozzle temperature: 350°C
    6. Chamber: Actively heated chamber
    7. Nozzle: Tri-metal integrated heatbreak nozzle.
    8. Extrusion system: APUS All-metal direct drive extruder (1x) with filament cutter.
    9. Flow: 40mm/s3 and beyond.
    10. Printing Speed(typical): 300mm/s
    11. Printing Speed(Max): 600mm/s with 30’000mm/s2 acceleration
    12. Interface: Touch Screen
    13. Connectivity: RJ45 ethernet, Wifi (WAP2) and USB
    14. Camera: “AI” Camera - Local processing error-reporting camera.
    15. Extra Features: CFS - Creality Filament System compatible / combo

    k2 plus  (3).jpg